Fashion PR

Our expertise and the reputation of successfully organising, producing and managing international events and film festivals shines through the years of experience in the entertainment industry.

We specialize in live events, promos and fashion film productions via collaborations between the UK and several countries around the world. The agency consults for major corporate clients, international film festivals, and industry organizations to build stronger relations between entertainment communities globally and an exclusive group of partner organizations.



Product launch

Being home to some of the largest and most successful global fashion houses, launching your brand in London, one of the world’s thriving fashion capitals, will let the world know that you mean business.

Logo, e-commerce and website design and development

All we need is your idea and we create a brand new logo and a fully functional interactive website for your brand.

Trademarking management

Your brand is your intellectual property, big or small.. Let us take the time to identify your IP needs and develop an efficient, effective, and affordable way to protect your brand.

Product photography and videography

Our team of professional photographers can produce creative visuals that can be leveraged across platforms, both print and online.

Social media planning and execution

An extensive social media plan customised to your brand needs can be developed by our team of social media experts.

Fashion film production

With a team of highly experienced and skilled individuals of over 25 years of combined experience in film and fashion film production, we create a visual treat for your followers.

Brand activation

With our extended network & contacts within the industry, we can create, organise, and execute your brand launch with a distinct and unique flavour, leaving all who attend eager to sample your offering.

Product placement

With access to world’s leading festivals and live events, we harnesses the reach and power of quality entertainment to engage consumers with your products. This leads to increased sales and generates a positive brand image.